Toddler Walking to 3 yrs. 50 minute class

pototo bugsThis is a parent participant class. It involves parent-child interaction to stimulate the development of motor skills, and hand-eye coordination with the use of an intricate obstacle course that the child completes with the help of a parent.

This class is $48 a month, for one time a week, and $70 a month for two times a week.

Tumble Bug Gym 3 to 5 yrs. 50/60 minute class

pink bugThese classes involve a teacher-student interaction in a fun, safe environment. Children experience a wide variety of activities using equipment made specifically for this age group. We have new themes each week; (i.e. Dinosaur, Manners, Sideways, etc.). We focus on progression skills, building self-esteem, large and small motor skills, and most of all having fun!

This gym is split into 4 different levels; The cost for these classes are once a week $48.00 and twice a week $70.00.

School Age Program 6 to 13 years 90 minute class

beeGymnastic skills are taught on all Olympic standard equipment, including trampolines and rope. We use appropriate sequences to ensure safety at all times. The students also work on flexibility, strength, and coordination. At this age group, we also separate boys vs. girls. There are several different levels in this program, from Beginning to our Competition Team.

The cost for these classes are: Once a week $60.00 a cycle and Twice a week $88.00 a cycle.

1/2 Dance 1/2 Gymnastics 3-12 years 1 hour class

ladybugThis class is the best of both worlds. Half of the class is spent in a dance room, teaching basic dance and hip hop. The other half of the class is spent in the gym doing gymnastic events. This is a great way to participate in to different sports at the same time for one low cost.

The cost for these classes are: Once a week $53.00 a cycle and Twice a week is $77.00 a cycle.

Ninjastics (1/2 Karate 1/2 Tumbling)

bug1This class  allows you to do Karate and Tumbling at the same time, and place. For one low cost, its great way to learn Karate and Tumbling. This class has 45 min of Karate and 30 min of Tumbling. With Karate they will start by learning basic Karate and learn more and more to test for different belts. Then it moves to the gym for tumbling. The tumbling is offered at three different levels, Adv. Inter. and Beg. This class is taught in sessions. September-December, January-May and June-August.

The cost for these classes are: Once a week is $60.00 a cycle and Twice a week is $88.00 a cycle.