Membership Information

bug1Tuition and Membership Fee: Tuition is based on a 4-week billing cycle and is due in advance by the 20th of each month. After the 25th a $10 late fee will be added to the account. The membership fee will be due each year on the anniversary month of each gymnast. There will be no refunds on membership fees. Due to waiting lists, full tuition must be paid in order to keep a space in a class. Family discounts include $5 for the 2nd child per month, $10 for each additional child after the 2nd child, per month.


Attendance and Make-Ups: Your cycle includes four classes and we want to make sure you get what you pay for. In the event your child cannot attend his/her class, please call in advance to let us know. In doing this, others can make up in your place. Make-ups are based on availability and should be scheduled on a different day than your child’s regular class. We really try our best not to overload classes. Please make every effort to complete the make-up class during the month of absence. We reserve the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment.

Drop Policy: If a child has missed two consecutive weeks without notifying the office, he or she may be dropped to make room for others on our waiting lists. If tuition has been paid, this does not apply.

What to Wear: We simply ask that your child wear comfortable exercise clothing. Buttons, belts, buckles, and zippers can damage our equipment. Bare feet are required in class. Hair needs to be pulled back before class begins. Jewelry is strongly discouraged. Smiles are worn before, during, and after class. Please make sure that children in the Tumble Bug Gym use the restroom before class.

Gym Rules: Parental Responsibility is a key to safety at Flippers. We ask that children not participating in class stay out of the gym and under no circumstances are they allowed on any equipment. We encourage you not to talk to your children while they are in class. Too many coaches can frustrate a child. Street shoes are not allowed for parents or gymnasts on any gymnastics surface or mats. Refreshments are only allowed in the entry area. They are not allowed in the gym. Thanks!

Newsletter: We understand that the mind needs exercise just as much as the body. The Flippers bi-monthly newsletter will update you with news and vital information about Flippers Gymnastics and other interesting subjects.

Feel free to ask our office personnel any questions that may arise concerning your child’s class.

Tuition Policies
  • boybugTuition is always due on the 20th of every month. If tuition is not paid by the 25th of the month there will be a $10 late fee added to your account. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Make ups are free and must be made up while still enrolled in class. You can make up a missed class at any time available. It will be your resposibility to keep track of your own make ups.
  • If you are canceling enrollment, please let your office know by the 20th of the month to avoid charges on your account.
  • If you are canceling enrollment and are involved in our autopay program, please let us know IN WRITING 30 days prior to your drop date.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS!! If you have paid in advance or paid your tuition and then decide to not finish out the month, we will not refund you the remaining amount. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Billing and Payment Procedures

money bugFlipper’s Gymnastics is the all inclusive athletic club for kids and we have improved the way we do business! To insure the quality of our programs, Flipper’s Gymnastics now introduces 2 convenient and easy payment options to better serve our customers.

  1. Automatic draft from Checking Account with a voided check.
  2. AutoPAY with a credit or debit card.

NOTE: Billing is run on the 15th of each month. If you’re planning on taking a break, you must write a letter letting us know that you are dropping. You must have it in the office 30 days prior to dropping to avoid tuition obligation for another month.

If you need more information please contact our office at 801-593-8484